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Keep Shelly In Athens – Lazy Noon

   It’s hard for me to introduce Greece-based duo Keep Shelly In Athens because I barely know them. Their newest single “Lazy Noon” is the first track I’ve heard from them and it reminds me a lot of Memoryhouse and Neon Indian. If you love slow-bounce, full of atmospheric synths, this one is really for you.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Lazy Noon [mp3]

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Neon Indian – Polish Girl

   Neon Indian has taken his extra steps in Era Extraña, his sophomore album. The second single off this album “Polish Girl” is one damn good example as it is the most upbeat song I’ve heard from him. A smooth combination of synth-pop, disco, and the nostalgic 8-bit sound.

Neon Indian – Polish Girl [SoundOwl]