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Kathyrn Calder – Who Are You?

   Kathryn Calder is one of the vocals of Canadian indie rock band, The New Pornographers. Calder started with The New Pornographers by filling in for Neko Case for live performances and was made a permanent member later in 2006. Again, the marvellous Neko Case, enough quality assured.
   Calder just released “Who Are You?”, the first single off her sophomore solo LP Bright And Vivid and the track is more than enjoyable. It’s a bright and colourful, yet complicatedly layered pop song. Exactly the type of song I’ve been lack of for a while.

Kathyrn Calder – Who Are You? [SoundOwl]

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Destroyer – Chinatown

   Destroyer, a Canadian indie rock band fronted by Daniel Bejar (also from The New Pornographer), is releasing a new album titled “Kaputt” in the next January. Chinatown is a wonderful opening track on this new album. It features dreamy sound, Bejar’s relaxing vocal and the sweet chorus. Ahhh, I just can’t help putting it on repeat.

Destroyer – Chinatown [MediaFire]

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