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Into the Cover

Recently I’m really obsessed with cover music. I feel it has something “fresh” and “unique”. When the artists do the cover of any song, they have special dramatic feeling with those songs. It’s a connection they have with the song in that particular period.

Through the Crane Wife, I fell in love with the Decemberists. And when they released their new album in March ’09, the Hazards of Love, I looked through their gig in YouTube but it turned out that the track I like the most is not in the album. It’s the Heart cover they did with Shara Warden and Becky Stark, Crazy on You’. Such a powerful voice Shara has. Try it and you will crush on her just like me.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Kings of Convenience for long. They are one of my favourite easy-listening bands. Their delicate tunes are always charming and warm. When they had a tour to promote their new album ‘Declaration of Dependence’ in Seoul, Korea, they covered Bob Marley‘s Waiting in Vain and they did it so delicately. Together with the chorus from their Korean groupie make the song perfect and definitely gonna make you smile.

I bet you all know Lily Allen and how talented she is. Not so long ago I heard that she’s going to take a break from music to focus on fashion business. Such an unfavourable situation for her fan, including me. She did a cover of ‘Naive’, song by the Kooks, on the Jo Whiley show and it was great! Hope she gets back to music real soon.

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