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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods

   When I was mentioning TEED’s Garden in the previous post about 80Kidz, I didn’t know I’d mention him again this early. I mean that is fuc*in’ great news! TEED just releases “Household Goods” EP with the real banger which has the same name as EP. Garden does set the very high standard, and Household Goods doesn’t make that standard any lower at all.

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80Kidz: Weekend Warrior

   80Kidz released their 2nd album “Weekend Warrior” in late October. I started to know 80Kidz from Kitsuné Maison Compilation 7 which their brilliant track Miss Mars was included. I was introduced to this second album by Red Star which somehow reminded me of my favorite TEED’s Garden. After checked out all the songs, I found that Weekend Warrior is a very enjoyable album. It’s a mix of electro + French House that features a lot of decent songs.

80Kidz – Red Star [MediaFire]

80Kidz – Nautilas [MediaFire]

80Kidz – Private Beats [MediaFire]

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