She Said (Jay dilla remix) Pharcyde

A Blast from the Past! Allow me to take you back to 1996 and introduce this track by L.A. south-central group Pharcyde.  If you know Pharcyde then you will already know their cult classic tracks “Runnin” and “Passing me by”. Some what not fully appreciated by the main stream listeners (Happens to all  the “dime” songs), “She Said” is a track that express the feeling about love-interest and relationship in a more abstract way. Owwwhhh, and better yet, this track is remixed by yours truly Jay Dilla who became the Dj for the group after 1995 I believed. Now, Jay Dilla’s genius tracks have been occupying my i-device and CDs changer in my car from the early days of my interest in black music. So let his jazzy track melts your stress away.

PS: Thanks to Uncle and Dxx for many great posts recently while I was busy 😛 …personally Enjoyed all of them 🙂 ! . R.I.P. Jay dee. Mattcadalic roll out!

Pharcyde Shesaid (Jay dilla remix) mp3


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