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80Kidz: Weekend Warrior

   80Kidz released their 2nd album “Weekend Warrior” in late October. I started to know 80Kidz from Kitsuné Maison Compilation 7 which their brilliant track Miss Mars was included. I was introduced to this second album by Red Star which somehow reminded me of my favorite TEED’s Garden. After checked out all the songs, I found that Weekend Warrior is a very enjoyable album. It’s a mix of electro + French House that features a lot of decent songs.

80Kidz – Red Star [MediaFire]

80Kidz – Nautilas [MediaFire]

80Kidz – Private Beats [MediaFire]

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Strange Talk – Climbing Walls

   Yet another decent music from down under, Australia. “Climbing Walls” from Melbourne synth pop quartet Strange Talk will join the album Kitsuné Maison Compilation #10: The Firework Issue. The track has the same vein as Aussie almighty Cut Copy and Bag Raiders. Very refreshing electro-pop rhythms and melodic vocals.

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls [mp3]

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