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Best Dopes Of 2012: The Originals

Dope Degree

   New year’s resolution is one of the very common thing to think about at the end of year. You’d make yourselves promises to do this and that, and then hope everything you wish will magically happen overnight. Well, the truth is, nothing will. Things you wish for usually take time and effort. One bit of advice here, which also exactly is my new year’s resolution: Take Your Time, Do It Right. I do believe if your will is strong enough and you keep doing what’s right, chances are things will go your way. Enjoy 2013, everyone. 🙂

   Picking the best of songs from the whole year is perspicuously not easy. There were a lot of things happened through out the year. Started strong with Nu-disco, Electro & Indie Rock. Dubstep, while not my favorite genre, then officially made it to the mainstreams. Synth-empowered Electronica came from everywhere in the world. Finally ended with some great Hip-Hop/R&B. 2012 had been another great year. Shall you recap with me.

♫ Beach House – Myth ♫ Cash Cash – Overtime♫ Chromatics – Lady♫ Frank Ocean – Lost♫ Grimes – Oblivion♫ Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know♫ How To Dress Well – Cold Nites♫ Jai Paul – Jasmine♫ Jessie Ware – Running♫ Kendrick Lamar – Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst♫ Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive♫ Last Dinosaurs – Andy♫ Miike Snow – Paddling Out♫ Moon Boots – Sugar♫ Passion Pit – Take A Walk♫ Pulp – After You♫ Purity Ring – Obedear♫ Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards♫ Teen Daze – Let’s Groove♫ Wild Nothing – Paradise♫ The xx – Angels

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Joywave – Betelgeuse

   I don’t even know how to pronounce or the meaning of the song’s name. All I know is even I’m not a big fan of mashups and mixtapes, I found this rework of Miike Snow‘s “Silvia” and LCD Soundsystem‘s “Someone Great” is definitely a good listen.
   Taken from Joywave‘s concept mixtape album ‘77777’.

Joywave – Betelgeuse [mp3]

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Amadou & Mariam – Sabali

   Amadou & Mariam are a blind musical duo from Mali. This couple is not newbie. Their early recordings was since 80s and they’ve become famous in the late 90s with their afro-blues music. The band is releasing a remix album that features some of the coolest DJs/producers out there. Check out two awesome reworks of “Sabali” track by Theophilus London and Miike Snow below. Love it!

Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Grey X Sage Remix) Feat. Theophilus London [mp3]Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (Miike Snow Remix) [mp3]

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