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Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (Christian Strobe Remix)

   I’ve fallen in love for Arcade Fire since their first single ‘Rebellion (Lies)’. It’s been almost 7 years and one thing I wouldn’t imagine happening is a damn great remix of Arcade Fire because of their Baroque rock genre and remix just don’t go together easily. But here we are finally, one damn great retro-futuristic remix of ‘No Cars Go’ from Christian Strobe, a brand new solo-project by Christian Schnall. One beautiful production.

Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (Christian Strobe Remix) [SoundDowl]

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The Drums – We Used To Wait (Arcade Fire Cover)

The Drums did a lovely ’80s-ready cover in their usual style of Arcade Fire‘s “We Used To Wait”. Listen:

The Drums – We Used To Wait (Arcade Fire Cover) [mp3]

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Arcade Fire – Ready To Start

   New Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start” music video features live concert footage from the show they recently played in London. Cinematically edited live clip masquerading as official video is always as good a way to go as any. I love it when they slow down the footage, which making it look even more epic. So, ready, start:

Arcade Fire – Ready To Start [MediaFire]


The Suburbs

   One of the best news of the month is Arcade Fire are close to finish their album soon and you can pre-order it at their website. I’m their big fan since the neighbourhoods epic and can’t wait to listen to the whole new album.
   Their 12″ single are out now with 2 songs “The Suburbs” and “Month of May” which can be downloaded for free if you pre-order the new album. If you are their big fan, just like me, and enjoy what they did in Funeral and Neon Bible, you will simply enjoy The Suburbs. But if you are expecting something different from what they’ve done, I recommend to begin with Month of May. Cheers.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Arcade Fire – Month of May