Aqueduct – Lying In The Bed I’ve Made

Track: Lying In The Bed I’ve Made
Artist: Aqueduct
Album: Or Give Me Death
Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative
More:, MySpace

Aqueduct – Lying In The Bed I’ve Made [SoundOwl]

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The Temper Trap – Rabbit Hole

   I’ve been off from blogging since I got my new DJ controller, Novation Twitch. The gear is just great and I can’t stop playing it. Also Danaya, our guess blogger, has started The Foreverkids and want me to be part of the DJ crew. Anyway, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging forever but I’d have to admit the post will be less often. Well, less in quantity doesn’t mean less in quality. The song I’m going to post can be a good proof about that.

   “Rabbit Hole” is the first single to be released off The Temper Trap‘s upcoming album Need Your Love. Hey, it’s The Temper Trap! More than a good proof!


Azad Right – Better Days (Produced by Jonathan Marquez)

Artist: Azad Right
Genre: Hip-Hop
In A Nutshell: Ten years ago, an Iranian-American rapper was an impossible career choice. In 2012, he plans to make it his reality.
Not Enough?: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Azad Right – Better Days (Produced by Jonathan Marquez) [SoundOwl]


Mord Fustang – We Are Now Connected

   I think Mord Fustang no longer needs any introduction. His ‘Lick The Rainbow’ track is all time top post here at Dope Degree. If one track is not enough to make you believe he’s that good. Let’s check his another out and let me know if you’re still in doubt.

Mord Fustang – We Are Now Connected [SoundOwl]


Digitalism – Circles (Remixes)

   Hello Dopers, I’m back! God knows I’ve been off the record for almost a month due to year-end works and a whole ton of events. Now I’m ready to fill you with heaps of fresh dopes. Let’s start with the on-fire German electro house Digitalism. Their 2nd album I Love You Dude has been highly rated since released last June. Their single “Circles” has also been highly anticipated by several DJs/Producers as 2 remix EPs are released at the same time. My top two are from Moonlight Matters and Eric Prydz which you dopers are served below. Until next time, Happy New Year!!!

Digitalism – Circles (Moonlight Matters Remix) [SoundOwl]
Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz Remix) [MediaFire]

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Mika : elle me dit (Beatauque Remix)

I don’t really know much about Mika. And guess what, you dont need to know anything except the fact that their newest single Elle Me Dit scored 16,566,868 views right now while I’m writing this. And perhaps what will excite you more is how incredible french electronic duo Beatauque remixed this track. So what are you waiting for???

Here is the Music Video of the Original

Enjoy! Mattcadalic

She Said (Jay dilla remix) Pharcyde

A Blast from the Past! Allow me to take you back to 1996 and introduce this track by L.A. south-central group Pharcyde.  If you know Pharcyde then you will already know their cult classic tracks “Runnin” and “Passing me by”. Some what not fully appreciated by the main stream listeners (Happens to all  the “dime” songs), “She Said” is a track that express the feeling about love-interest and relationship in a more abstract way. Owwwhhh, and better yet, this track is remixed by yours truly Jay Dilla who became the Dj for the group after 1995 I believed. Now, Jay Dilla’s genius tracks have been occupying my i-device and CDs changer in my car from the early days of my interest in black music. So let his jazzy track melts your stress away.

PS: Thanks to Uncle and Dxx for many great posts recently while I was busy 😛 …personally Enjoyed all of them 🙂 ! . R.I.P. Jay dee. Mattcadalic roll out!

Pharcyde Shesaid (Jay dilla remix) mp3

Keep Shelly In Athens – Lazy Noon

   It’s hard for me to introduce Greece-based duo Keep Shelly In Athens because I barely know them. Their newest single “Lazy Noon” is the first track I’ve heard from them and it reminds me a lot of Memoryhouse and Neon Indian. If you love slow-bounce, full of atmospheric synths, this one is really for you.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Lazy Noon [mp3]

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