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Russ Chimes – Your Love

Russ Chimes is one of the hottest young producers, remixers and DJs to emerge in the past few years. After a successful cover of Take Me Out went off the chart, this time he comes back with a new material in Sula – EP. The preview of the 2nd track of this EP, Your Love, was released yesterday and it already gets almost 10k hits in SoundCloud! It’s a blend of Tech House/Nu-Disco/Garage which is going on a lot at the moment in the UK. I love it and think it would easily make you fall for it as well.

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Challenge Accepted!

Dope Degree

Yo Dopers!

Dope Degree is back after more than a year! I know that was careless, wasn’t it? But it is worth the wait because it’s a strong comeback!

I was away busy djing for Kolour, arranging parties with Troopertronic and of course with the life-taking day job. Now that all of them are quite settle, it’s time to get back and take care of my dear Dope Degree baby. It’s not just me, of course. Matt is also fired up, can’t wait to get back and share you his great selections so stay tuned!

With all the love of music,

Uncle Ek


Hello all! Here goes my first entry. Yippy!

Came across this rad mix of Dutch Uncles’s X-O. I personality think it makes the original song a whole lot more interesting. Check it out.

I’m indie all the way so expect to see a lot of those coming your way soon. Hope you’ll enjoy my selection.

As I’m sure both Matt and Uncle will agree, life is no good without music. So let’s never stop ✌


Significant change. Dope Degree will never be the same.


   One thing that will never change is the change itself and Dope Degree is not exception. The blog has been around for almost two years and it never stops changing. The theme, widgets, and the URL, to name the least, have changed from the original We never stop pushing to do things better, right?
   Here it is, the significant change that will make Dope Degree better than ever. I’m proud to say that Dope Degree is not about me anymore, it’s about us, about we. Today two good friends of mine, Matt and Danaya, who are deeply enthusiastic

Danaya about music, just like me, join the editor crew and will certainly give, not just one, but, two more of good damn aspects about music. Be sure to put your seatbelt on, “we” are moving fast.


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